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Something in a 48 and long: Post Script

Having just listened to yet another ” reporter ” spew anti-Yankee bias ( a guy on the NY Post—known Yankee f**kers ), I had an epiphany. But before I lay it bare, I just want to state I grasp the nature of the media. Especially now, when news is virtually instantaneous & the need for it insatiable. It is also remarkable how many in the media lack compassion & empathy. To possess those fine human traits would be counter productive for them. Which brings me to the light bulb that just clicked on.

The media are parasites, it is in their nature to bite the hand that feeds them. Keep in mind one critical thing as regards the outcry & muckraking in the Steroid Era of Major League Baseball. It took these ” reporters ” almost a decade after the fact to catch on. This is because most of them are really just gossip writers. As for TV? they are even less capable of investigative work, their skill is reading. Radio? hahahahahaha Though, it’s odd, since most of them were in the clubhouses & locker rooms. How could they miss it?

Each day, in every way my relationship with life as we know it becomes more clear. And why I no longer have any sports coats. . ..

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