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Post Script to all Posts

February 10, 2009 2 comments

One more thing.

If you’re over 12 years old and refer to adult females as ” lady ” or ” ladies, ” you better be wearing a leisure suit, over 70 & named Buddy. Try calling them women—it’s what they are. Unless of course they have been given that honorific by a British monarch. Or she’s a spaniel married to Tramp.

Now, the caffeine can wear off. . ..

A-non y nonny

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Dateline NY, NY February 10, 2009

Sports Illustrated has prepared a retraction regarding the revelation Alex Rodriguez used steroids. It will state that their reporter mistook the abbreviation Anon for Arod, saying- ” Hey, I was in the dark and had blinders on. . ..” Oddly the rest of the list was 103 names, all John Doe. In light of the fact Mr. Rodriguez has since admitted use of a PED, it’s all moot. Once again proving the old adage, don’t believe everything you read, and only half of what you see. QED

In a related story, there is no truth to the rumor Boston fans have thought of a new heckle. Adding the word ” sucks ” to everything, is still the sum total of their wit.