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Just like to take a break in my 11 year long vacation to say conratulations ( sic ) to the Boston Major League Baseball Club and their predominantly myopic & taste challenged fan base, Rat Sox nation. They are not only maintaining their current status as reigning hypocrites of the sports world, they have added to it, by trading for what is apparently a relief manatee. The color green suits you all so well, you might consider changing the team name, and replace the one you stole from Cincinnati a century ago. First a name, then a philosophy. What next? I’m guessing red chowdah pizza. . ..

BTW the Yankees currently have more homegrown players both on the field & roster, than you have for the last 3 seasons, since your tainted WS. As always, may you live in interesting times & remember, real baseball games, unlike your hypocritical player deals, do not take place on paper. Let me know when you can count to 26, much less get there.

In summation, why don’t you all censored my censored big fat censored censored ass! Now, where is my censored sunscreen?
NOTE: sports feature the day after I posted my blog / byline: Murray Chass in the Sunday NY Times

Headline: Trading Places: Red Sox Have Become the Yankees