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L A Miserables and/or Paris is Burning

So, I show up at the Hilton’s for some sushi pizza rolls & home movie night. Next thing I know LAPD rolls up, slaps some retro bracelets on girlfriend and voila, she’s back in jail. Everybody was screaming & crying but me. This is because in fact, I wasn’t really there. . ..

Paris was breaking the law. She violated the terms of her parole & DUI is bad. Though I think people driving with a cell phone in one hand & a mamuffin ( sic ) in the other is much worse. Drunk is drunk, thought processes are impaired, they might not be thinking straight. That is if they were actually straight to begin with prior to getting wasted. What’s the db with all the oral fixations excuse? Jerking Paris Hilton around is starting to look very creepy and a bit cruel. AND it’s polarizing people. Well, mainly other cerebrally challenged  heiresses from around the world. . ..

Like everything else in the US now, it’s crap. Seat belt laws are excuses for police to stop anyone, anywhere, anytime. And gee, a revenue garnering op too! I’m not so bereft of discernment to think Paris Hilton should just get away with a slap on the wrist when she ( or anyone else like her ) incurs a serious infraction. Again, municipalities like AND need ways to gain funds. Can you say big fine plus community service? Put her in the wrong size jumpsuit on the PCH scooping up bottles & used rubbers, accessorized with that outré ankle wear. Make the colors clash, that alone would teach her a lesson.

Wags make noise about frivolous lawsuits. People will eventually sue themselves: Your Honor, the accused ( AKA also me ) promised me I’d be a billionaire by age 30 and has failed to deliver on that promise to the tune of $999,993, 745. 38. Meanwhile, Osama bin Laffen, remains at large. How about gratuitous sentences? Oops. All right, you may all take a number, but I have the right to refuse comment option checked.

  1. sjanedark
    June 15, 2007 at 6:41 am

    hey that idea for a lawsuit against self…..did you invent that or did your read or see that somewhere. If no one ever did it….go and delete this post before someone else goes and does that.

    About Osama bin Laden and finding him. Well I can not understand why all the americans think it is so easy to find him. They did not take him out when they could and now the brat has gone and done something that pissed of the US in a big way. No doubt about it. So he has now very good reasons to hide (if still alive). The US thinks it can find anyone with their superior technology but….if Osama was indeed in the US that would be probably the fact. But he is in Afghanistan a place not very techno even some years ago but where all available techno got wiped of the face of the earth in latest (still ongoing war). So how to find someone in a void??? No ID’s no fingerprint records, cell phone traces or credit card transactions. So Bush just grins sheepishly because he can hardly admit US techno or intelligence can not do the job in a country that is at the beginning of the 20th century. And THAT ladies and gents is exactly the reason they will hardly be able to find him.

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