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Dear 0,

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Oh gf! I just don’t know what’s funnier—your daddy writing a book about you or that you’re worried about it. Don’t worry, you have nothing to hide. And you know he can’t write a lick. . ..

Your Biggest Fan,

Effluvia Marsha Fields

PS I have still not got my free car, but I do have the tax bill–who pay for that?

Ad by Subtraction

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Studio 60, Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing follow-up show, has struck it’s sets. It won’t be back in the Fall on NBC, or any time, anywhere. Yet another triumph for the American TV viewer, most of whom like their shows written with a crayon. An unwrapped, chewed, dull crayon.

Yeah, let the critics line up: Studio 60 was too inside TV, the characters were not identifiable, they talked too fast, blah blah bleah. I do suffer from a rare duality. I am at once both lazy & too literate for the playroom. But I’m not that literate, my favorite author Shannon Wheeler does a comic strip [ Too Much Coffee Man ] & I’m not that lazy. Okay, maybe I am. . . hey! I just typed out OK dammit.

The last bastion on broadcast television for well written dialogue ( that’s the programming we ostensibly don’t pay for ) resides in newer comedies such as The Office and 30 Rock. Unlike 90% of all other TV sitcoms, I rarely know what’s coming next. Being a lazy dude, one would think I wouldn’t like my brain prodded. I don’t. But if it provokes a smile or even better, a laugh, I guess I do! The vast majority prefers knowing what will happen when that big fat load married to the 30something hot chick ( all fat guys irl have wives like that ), gets caught with his hand in his pants. I know too: the network goes to a 4 minute commercial break. . ..

Drama? forget it. Hospital shows, cop shows, cops in hospital shows & hot wives who haven’t found a lumpy guy yet shows. Now, that’s entertainment. You know what else is? the amount of typos I make in any given paragraph ( 8 so far in this one ). One word describes the plot of all these shows: advertising dollars. It’s one word, believe me and not your eyes. Americans want blood, imagined when they can’t get the real deal.

There’s a new show coming on CBS, Moonlight. A vampire decides be a detective to help mankind. Hmmm sounds familiar-ish. I liked it when it was called Angel, produced by Joss Whedon ( Buffy, the Vampire Slayer ). Whedon’s last foray into TV a space-cowboy effort called Firefly, failed big time. Needless to say, I really liked it. It was on Fox, which is epic in it’s programming of really good TV shows, only to dump them faster than a lottery winner does his old wife. The list is impressive. It is also my Blockbuster Online queue.

Everything recycles. Well, probably not Studio 60. A new fictional Washington D.C., political show will, can’t recall the name and I’m too lazy to Google it. I will look forward to it. At least for the 4 or 5 shows it will air before it gets bumped for Wives Swapping Spit in Out of Control Monster Trucks. Wow! Deadwood Season 3 ( and the last ) & ROME Season 2 ( and the last! ) are out on DVD in a few months!!! Gotta go add them to my BB queue—maybe I shouldn’t have said that. . ..