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the Boston Hypocrite Sox

May 21, 2007 4 comments

David Ortiz, of the Boston baseball club, last year’s winner of The French Legion of Demerite, just opened his stupid, barely articulate mouth. High on his team’s success, early in this 2007 season, he says ‘ . . .we don’t have to worry about other teams, they have to worry about us. . ..’ Nicely put, you fathead. Proud your team is ahead of the Yankees, who have had 10 key players on & off the disabled list in the first 42 games? Most of them starting pitchers? It’s likely the NYY are more worried about 3 injured young men, just beginning their major league careers, than about you and your organization of hypocrites.

Boston baseball for years has been built on rooting against the Yankees, chanting sophomoric slogans & selling T-shirts adorned with those slogans. That’s how they raised the money so they could buy players too, because even though they hate the Yankees & reviled them for years for doing just that, they decided that’s how to win. As fate would have it, they won. They gleefully went out & celebrated their freakish, unprecedented triumph over the Yankees by promptly killing a young woman in the process. There, they went past New York fans in that sad statistic.

Ben Franklin left Boston as soon as he could, and went on to a great career. Much the same thing happened to Babe Ruth. The Boston fans blame the Yankees for Ruth’s departure, when it was Boston owner Harry Frazee who sold him because he needed money. The legend goes it was to mount the play No No Nanette. It was in fact, to pay for the building of Feng Shui Park & keep his franchise afloat. It was also because Ruth wanted to play more outfield & get more at bats, which was limited by his starting pitcher chores. Frazee, did not agree & there was your Boston curse until 2004.

So, the Yankees are having a tough season. It happens. Their manager, Joe Torre’s luck & skill is fading. If it wasn’t for bad luck, GM Brian Cashman would have no luck, or at least not have all those kids on the DL. Last but far from least, George Steinbrenner is old & not the guy he was, and will never be again. The joy of Boston fans & Yankee haters is built on injuries & misfortune. There is a word for that, schadenfreude, which comes to us from the Germans ( the phrase of course often appended to the source ).

Mr. Ortiz, doesn’t know that word, he doesn’t know many on a good day. He does know how to hit, especially against the Yankees. The Yankees passed on signing Ortiz a few seasons back when he was cut loose by the Minnesota Twins for budgetary reasons. Just imagine if they had signed him! Oh how the Boston fans would love their Big Papi. Yeah, I think not. Unlike many players, I doubt Ortiz would’ve succumbed to the pressure of playing in New York. Mainly because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word—literally. Though last season, he took a leave of absence as his team battled for the AL East. He wasn’t doing well. Naturally, he felt ill.

I would’ve felt some compassion for him had he not puked up some quotes regarding Derek Jeter’s worthiness as a player. Eventually the Yankees lost out on reaching the 2006 World Series, mainly because they didn’t hit against the Detroit Tigers. But the Red Sox were at home watching too. AS for Mr. Ortiz: you, your team & the town you play in are ungracious winners. You can win every World Series until the end of time & you will always remain hypocrites. Maybe this schadenfreude has something to it after all. . ..