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Run Jesse Run….far far away


Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition is currently dogging Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves for not employing enough black players. One team out of 30. Mr. Jackson does not seem bothered by the fact, the National Basketball Association is overwhelmingly populated with black players.


Dear Jesse:

Why don’t you get a lot, and I do mean a lot, of money. Go buy yourself a country, I suggest it be some place you’d like to live, possibly rule. You can build it from the ground up, using any govermental model you like. Apply asap for aid from a more established, wealthier country: say the US. Hey! it can be China, go to the UN, knock yourself out. I know you know how to raise money.

Once you have things rolling, you can entice/invite people you personally would like to be citizens. I’d like to be one of them. AND when I try to play my wimpy white guy music for pay & nobody likes it, because it’s not their taste in music. Or if nobody relates to my opinions, interests, clothes & sad stories about how tough it is to be me in your country, then you can decide what kind of leader you really are.

Nobody is 100% wrong; within any truth there is a lie, many lies contain irrefutable facts. But you sir, come close. You are a disgrace regardless of your pigmentation, which is aesthetically quite pleasing. It’s your mind that’s black, like a black hole sucking in light, letting none out.

Go on now, get that country going Jesse, I wrote you a national anthem & my bags are packed. Let’s boogie. . ..

Power to the Peephole,


PS sure Al can come too, beanpie my brother?