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Sense & Censorability

Thanks to tragedy & extremists, the state of misdirection continues. This, because it’s easier to suspend yet another radio grumpy guy for mooning than to reel in Osama bin Laughin’.

Government officials historically have resembled bad Vegas magicians more than say, Thomas Jefferson. Who, had Sharpton & Jackson been in play back then, would’ve impeached TJ for dallying with Sally Hemmings. So, when something big is wrong, what you do is say: Hey! look at that 2 headed calf dumping on that bible. . .. In that way, the rubes & rubber neckers all shift their sheep-like gaze away from the 2 faced fox in the henhouse, stealing their nest eggs.

The wisdom & wit of politicians is fixed on and limited to, how many dollars they can get to help them get elected & stay in office, so they can keep those vested interests on the table & those conflicts of interest under it. Every once in a while they hold a secret lottery in which one of them takes one for the team by getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar and if they need a really big distraction, his hand in somebody named Cookie.

Nothing new really. Popes were doing it early on. One or two nobles noticing some clerical irregularities? rev ’em up & point ’em at the ‘ Holy Land ,’ not that they minded, after all, what good is having swords & armor if you can’t use them. The Church’s first choice being not on them. Mix in religious mania and voila you have The Crusades. Seem familiar? Gadzooks Sir Godfrey— prithee afixeth thy gaze forsooth inne yon meddoe: a 3 headed calfeling! Praying to Mecca!!

I listen to radio a lot. I typically switch stations more than a Rockette switches legs, but I am getting old & slow. So the other day I heard a PSA ( public service announcement ) voiced by what seemed to be a kid of indeterminate gender hurling insults in bumpersticker increments. It was directed at the elimination of teen age ‘ Cyber Bullies ,’ on blogs, emails, text messaging etc.; which on the surface is laudable. Closer inspection reveals some media type who wants bloggers to take a pledge of decency.

Apparently there are nasty people out there targeting others, mostly female bloggers. Stalking bad, no matter what the modus operandi. If there can be a way to stop any kind of human from harming another, I am all for it. However, a corollary of this plan is a code of conduct. Blogs for the most part are personal journals. I don’t think journals should include libelous statements and/or comments which include threats. But that’s a bit hard to police & like most things currently, it’s censorious in it’s tone.

Having had, as I’ve stated ad nauseum, several personal experiences with people spreading totally fallacious rumors about me, I relate. Still, aren’t blogs, at root, diaries? diaries the authors publish and are inviting others to read? If you write in a blog you enjoy donkey shows, should you be upset if some donkey shows an interest in you? I suspect it depends on the donkey. . ..

As in real life, I’m of the opinion public figures are open for a few rude remarks. If I want to call Sharpton & Jackson bottom feeding, opportunistic hypocritical carrion eaters in my blog, it’s OK. If other bfohce’s are offended, it’s likely because they weren’t mentioned by name. But if I call my neighbor a redneck retro-tard, who mows his lawn in the dark, even though it’s factual, I’ll leave his name out of it. It’s just good common, legal sense.

So, kids, if you want to revile certain members of your peer group on a regular international basis, just don’t use real names. Sure, it removes the thrills but hey, you don’t want a law suit at 13 do you? er, um, that is your parents don’t want one. Never too soon to start training for a future as say, generically, the president of a large democracy! Do be aware, it’s a sword with a double-edged blade. AND those who live by the sword. . ..

Dear Diary:

Today in the Rose Garden I saw a 3 headed donkey. . ..