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The Acme Bandwagon Company

Now ARod has cooled off from his amazing April at bats, the Acme Bandwagon Company has a special sale on. But they are still smiling because in the wake of the Imus fiasco, all the newly minted Hip Hop hypocrites & sanctimonious skunks ( not to be confused with jazz legend Thelonious Monk ) are all needing some to jump on. Yeah, boyee, after 2 decades of Urban Contemporary sexist songs & racist records, somebody thinks it’s time to bust a cap in rap lyrics.

Hey! don’t be censoring rap & hip/hop. Art serves as a release for people. Sure, you can label it for what it is. Hold discussions. Not buy it? There’s a concept—hear or see something you don’t like, turn it off. But if you don’t like a book you bought, by all means burn it or better, recycle it. Don’t be inviting your mindless, sycophantic followers to a huge bonfire. Even if you are having s’mores. Hitler was big on book burning; most narrowminded people are. Telling people what to think is a human trait. Compelling them at the threat of torture & eventual execution is being a monster.

I’m not a fan of the Urban Contemporary genre, the music is not melodic & I like melody. Much of the music is sampled, if not ripped off of much better songwriters. AND many of the themes don’t relate to me. I don’t like overtly sexual lyrics that are overly simple minded either. BUT there is no other genre that can surpass Urban for writers who nail the experience with topically pointed & descriptive skills. They are gifted poets. No debate. The cognoscenti belittle the Country chart but it truly has some great writers. If you don’t think so, it’s because you’re not listening.

The Dixie Chicks for example, who some people only know because of their run in with self righteous morons, are terrically talented musicians. They earned their success & they have hotfooted away from Country due to censorship by boycott. Anybody who differs with that band’s politics does not have to buy their product. But media people were banning their work & again, while it’s their perogative, it’s misguided. Or guided by money, the slicker picker upper. It smacks of, well, anti- free speech, political bias. Which is what this is all about. It always was and it always will be; I studied my capitalists catechism.

But the reason I don’t like Snoop Dogg ( black? ) is because he can’t sing & he is a hypocrite. I don’t like Kid Rock ( white?), because he’s a limited talent as a musician & apparently as a suitable companion ( twice ) for Pamela Anderson. But they are good at delivering their audience a show. It is, after all, the show business in which they are gainfully employed. AS much as I think those dollars could be better spent, shuffled into the accounts of more deserving artists—that’s my problem. Giving people a positive outlet for their frustrations, is usually good. AS long as it doesn’t involve violence or human sacrifice. Or censorship.

So life in the backlash the rumblings & mumblings about a closer examination of rap & hip hop will be heard until they fade into the distance like the overmodulated bass from some higger’s* Dodge Ram. If I could get paid for use of the words bitch, hos, nigger, fuck, shit etc. from all those CDs, I’d be on a island typing this. With a fine looking beeyatch rolling me some tasty tacos. And some strawberry banana smoothies in the blender. Yeah, I said smoothies…….what of it? Ho


* use your imagination