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Mayday! Mayday! Full Moon edition ⨀

Other than my friends, is there one person who can explain to me how the airing of a psycho killer’s prelude helps anyone? Tom Brokaw, retired newsman, has supported the original airing by his old hometurf NBC news.

That’s great Tom. They ‘ had to air it. ‘ Really. Why is that? because it’s news-worthy. Sure. Let’s air some more beheadings by religious psychos too. Let’s have public executions & vigilante lynchings on TV. Let’s cut through the bullshit and run snuff flicks, then we can all have a prayer circle in between commercials for new cars & beer & the effing NFL.

But if some lonely guy downloads vanilla porn at home, Oprah & the View types, call him a pervert. That from a woman who has a vanity show & magazine with her face on the cover every month. People with no discernable talent making millions of dollars being yentas. That’s acceptable perversion because lots of ‘ normal ‘ people pay for it. NBC entraps child porn freaks because, gee, we all agree, that’s a service. Mostly to NBC’s revenue from advertising.

Is there an honest media investigatory mechanism which could analyze the results of what occurs in the population in the wake of viewing such ‘ news ‘ artifacts of sociopathic tragedy. Does it stop that kind of event? does it inspire those contemplating similar acts to enact? Or does it merely scare the shit out of people who were decent before viewing it & traumatize some unsupervised child, in much the same way exposure to a pedophile would?

The mainstream media are carrion eaters. Nothing more. WE are their enablers. I admit to enjoying well written escapist programming. That is of course arbitrary. If I want reality I know where & how to find it. If you don’t, I feel sorry for you. I don’t handle reality well, so I avoid it as often as possible. I don’t slow down to view death & destruction on the highway. I just drive slowly, carefully and proceed, hoping for the best possible outcome for all of us, dead or alive.

That’s why I wasn’t made to be a journalist. I couldn’t see asking a grieving mother how she felt about her child being raped, eaten & then watching the video on TV. Maybe I’m weak, but I have this thing called empathy, with a healthy dose of compassion. I can guess pretty much how she might feel. Media imagines themselves in the detached doctor role; you can’t get emotionally involved. Yeah, well, they ain’t doctors. AND most doctors lack empathy, take a look in their eyes one time. You’ll start growing herbs & praying for rain.

Why does cruelty get to trump goodness? That’s because this existence was likely created by a not too bright 5th grade boy ( ty Fox TV ) who got a C- on his science project ( us ), threw it in the basement, where somehow it’s survived, though a bit mouldy, for the moment. I used to think Brokaw was smart. Now he’s just another by the book ( Media for Exploitative Dummies ) hack. Hey! look over there Tom — a man is biting a dog! wow it’s your dog Tom! Film at 11, 12, 1, 2…………..