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Freedom of Speciousness

April 22, 2007 1 comment

I never wanted to do hard news. You don’t need my backstory, it’s too convoluted. The story of Virginia Tech has opened that door for me & I’m sure I’ll be able to close it sooner than almost anyone with a heart can here in Montgomery County VA. I feel for all of them. However, randomly following up on a few issues, and given impetus by my incredulity, I am compelled to react. I do not care one bit for any other opinion but my own on the following:

1. Mainstream media: you are disgusting. You know it & I know it. Knowledge is understanding. Understanding leads to compassion. In aggregate, you may choose to lie to yourselves about presenting the truth. The truth for you is a lie. All your knowledge leads to is ratings & hollow achievements. I would rather die homeless in a dumpster than have ever been like you.*

2. For those few who have suggested the victims of this or any other homicidal maniac should have attacked him, it is not a movie. In a movie, the victims can get up and walk away. For the one individual I saw post on a message board, the students didn’t attack their killer because they are the products of nannies, who wait for others to do everything for them, I can’t say what I feel out loud. You are for sure, as sick as the monster who pulled the trigger.

3. For the sick individual who has set off others, I’m sorry you couldn’t get laid. I know how it feels to be rejected. I have been rejected more in one day, both socially & in my career, than you were in your entire short, unfortunate life. To make a video & send it to the media, proves you were deserving of the rejection. And now billions know it too. You knew the media is too soulless to reject your calling card. You are made for each other.

4. The issues of gun control, the purview of mental health officials & law enforcement are always on the table. Now we are back to an all you can eat buffet mode. Very thin ice, lots of heavy thoughts, all skating on it. WE all know an individual may own a hundred weapons & never kill. Someone can have a hundred pornographic items & never rape. It is the nature of their soul that matters. Examples are meaningless. Exceptions are always just that. Guns should not be sold to anyone who can’t provide a genuine need, subject to review & approval, and on a regular basis. Again, those whose truth is only a lie, may ‘ think ‘ what you will.

You may arm teachers & church choir directors. But the first incident in which one round of friendly fire kills one innocent, will it matter to the family? will it make the death more acceptable? Yes, gun advocates, you may now throw your numbers at this, you’ll take 1 dead versus, say, 32? Your solution is flimsy. The media will love it no matter what happens. AND fools on message boards will say the nanny was a lousy shot.

*I have not, and will not ever view that kind of material