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While Barry Bonds’ hit & miss pursuit of Hammerin’ Hank continues it’s troubled path. A war, at it’s root, like all other wars, kills on. Thugs call for the heads of those just like them. Classic misdirection by lounge act magicians.

There will be some children who will suffer because of this result. They will not be the children of the man who lost his job. They will not all be white children. Maybe it’s a case of somebody’s karma catching up with them. Many of the people involved in engineering this coup de grace should take note.

Where were these same people when Buck O’Neil was treated so poorly? Don’t bother now, he’s dead. He didn’t need the baseball Hall of Fame.

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. AND a sword swings both ways. Whose un-nappy head is next?

PS any chance we can get Osama bin Laden to say ‘ nappy headed hos ‘ on his next video?

PPS nappy does mean diaper, doesn’t it?

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