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Brain Delay Theatre

April 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Once again, humans are proving they are the least intelligent & deserving of all the species on the planet. The term triple double has a new meaning & it’s appropriate since this all started with an intemperate ad lib about a basketball team. Three faced & double timing to get on the record, these clowns are piling on, making late hits on a down QB. Where were they before last week? Circling like all buzzards do, feeding on offal & looking for carrion.

Making that list today, is a drug abusing, woman degrading, porn making, O.G. thug & really bad vocalist, who calls himself Snoop Dogg ( once Snoop Doggy Dogg ) says Imus should be fired. Well, I’m convinced. You? AND that’s what vox absurditas means.


Note: Craig Ferguson, you are certifiably mad, albeit wickedly witty. Bravo on the book, you cheeky devil.

Game shortened on account of brain.

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