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Imus Be Crazy. . .continues

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While Rutgers women’s basketball duke it out with Imus, and btw they should petition to not be called the Lady Scarlet Knights. It’s sexist, antiquated & if you ask Hester Prynne, scarlet means ho. . .. Meanwhile, Imus is suspended. It’s all that Martin & Malcolm worked & died for & more with a buzzer beater from 3 point land.

But here’s what I want. I want the PTA woman who had me kept from being editor of my HS paper for protesting the VietNam war to compensate me monetarily for changing the course of my life. I want the creep who told people I was homosexual over the course of 20 years ( I’m not )to lose his job. I want the woman who broke up my relationship to apologize for intruding on something she ultimately didn’t want. I want the Christian broadcasters who bought the radio station I worked at to be more like the Jesus, I know, than the snake oil salesmen they are. I want big time college sports to be turned back over to students & their families. That’s a partial list of personal affronts, all with a public component.

I want people such as President Bush & Dick Cheney to stop wearing suits, acting like suits & repeating the same bullshit policies that didn’t work 2000 years ago. I want people to stop pretending it’s religion or skin color, when it’s attitude & ability which divides us. I really really want the educational system to upgrade: it hasn’t worked for at least 100 years;the gifted & the ambitious always have a high rate of accomplishment, they can have all the dang book larnin’, the rest of us need life skills which can be applied, taught in an environment conducive to actual learning not just regurgitation & strong testing skills. And without interference from small minded regressive & repressive zealots

I want a lot more than that; most people get along pretty well until the common human traits we share interfere. Even then, in the midst of crisis most people shine & bond. Some don’t, no matter how nice a day it is. Blacks, browns, pinks & some blues, have been kind to me & I hope I have been to them. When we had a difference at all, it was on the level of whether David Ortiz is a load or not. I think he is. Not because he’s dark skinned but because he kicks the shit out of the Yankees every chance he gets. I don’t like Jason Varitek & he’s not even homo erectus. His color? who can tell, he has a hairline to his brow ridge, wears body armour & sucker punches guys. Wow! he’s a Klingon-human hyrbrid!

Where are all my cadre of people who’ll protest for me? Nowhere. Do you have people? Probably not. For the last time: Imus said something stupid & no doubt, untrue. He should not lose his job. He was forced to apologize, though I’m sure he regrets having said it on every level, as most people would be. He’s not perfect. I don’t doubt some of the women’s feelings were hurt; mine sure were when people said blatanlty untrue things about me. But nobody worth anything believes they are nappy headed hos. AND they have powerful friends. Try being out on the floor when it’s the opposite situation. You don’t want to be; I don’t want you to be. I’ve been there and lost more than once. Lost big too.

And for the gang of self-righteous fools who crawl out when there’s a finger pointing op, look in a mirror, you are nothing short of opportunists and I haven’t mentioned this yet today: spotlite hos. NO matter what kind of head you got.

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