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Imus Be Crazy—part 1

April 9, 2007 Leave a comment

Don Imus called the Rutgers U. women’s basketball team ‘ nappy headed hos.’ I guess he did too. Did somebody just notice? Imus has only been doing it 40 years in NYC, the world’s number 1 media market. Still it’s a stupid move on Imus part. Worse, it opens the door for Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, those two[ deleted ] spotlite hos & well known hypocrites.

Imus’ program, is simulcast on MSNBC ( TV ) & WFAN-AM. FAN is all sports, except for Imus, whose content is news commentary & satire. He’s said enough nasty things about Dick Cheney alone, to get himself accidentally shot on purpose . Imus also spent years in a drug induced haze. He(& his wife) also probably does more for sick kids in one day than those other 2 guys do in a year. It doesn’t give him the right to say dumb things. The Constitution does.

If an off color remark ( ! ) keeps one girl and/or woman from a basketball career or any sport, I’m with you—run Imus off the air. Replace him with idiots who think Lincoln owned slaves & say so on national radio. Frankly, I think that’s worse. Some non-white media personalities & comics are hardly models of political correctness. Oh, I’m sorry, they earned the right not to be? Have it your way. But give all the money back first. All God’s chillun got a right to be $toopit. It’s called freedom baby. Same reason you can shoot your mouth off Al. Or perpetrate fraud. Or score blow. You know. I probably agree more with Sharpton than Imus. Mostly. Hardly ever with Jackson, that huge slick phoney. Why doesn’t one of them fight Imus for charity in the Rutgers Gym? Now that’s America!

Unlettered ignorance is dominating this country now. It’s overwhelming. On a TV message board somebody was upset that an NBC urban crime show was called The Black Donnellys. The person thought the word black was a racial reference: i.e. the young Donnelly’s were criminals, so they were like stereotyped young black men. Oy vey and begorrah! What a mess. Old guard wisdom declares profanity is the sign of a feeble vocabulary. When I used words of more than one syllable though, I was labeled an egg headed show off. Norman Mailer & Bill Buckley did not come running to my defense. I’m guessing I had instant amnesia once, when I told the guy who said that to me, to fuck himself. I do have anger issues. When a moron speaks, anger issues forth from me. Lincoln had a saying for that type of thing, about pleasing people.

Perception as reality is also prevalent in the USA. Brilliant. Islam take heart, you used to be the bright lights of civilization way back, until too much sand in your orifices & a lack of moist towelettes, brought you to your present deadly, dismal state. Next time you get pissed at Americans for interfering in your part of the world, throw out all those weapons you’re so fond of waving, we & the rest of the Western World developed. AND I’m pretty sure Wilbur & Orville weren’t getting their inspiration from Mecca. So, be true to yourselves. Load up a camel with something you kids came up with besides the burqa ( Turkish Delight would be my choice ) set it afire & hump it down Broadway( aka The Great White Way! ). Preferrably into a Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Phone ahead though, despite all rational thought, they are tough to get into.

It’s OK for some of you to call a sistah a fat ho. But if I do it, because she gave me the wrong change after doing some bidness, I’m a racist. Technically, as I didn’t specify her race, I’d be a hoist. That’s doesn’t look right hmmmmmmm Horist? Horticulturist? Hoist on my own petard works. For those who again don’t read books, petard, is not a word which refers to learning challenged PETA members. No way am I a petarist! I will also take the bet I’ve been dissed & not hired by more white people than many contemporary blacks. But if I had a dollar for every POC who said whitey smells like baloney, I wouldn’t be sitting here. I may smell like Oscar Meyer, but I aint German!

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