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Peter Cottonmouth

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Michael Musto, writer, has a feature in the current issue of OUT. I don’t read that magazine because 1. I don’t have the money and 2. it’s not my niche. Like many young teenagers, I had questions about my sexuality.* Once I was in a male classmate’s room, he put on a record he told me he really liked by Barbra Streisand. I heard the first few notes and I blurted out ” What the fuck is that awful shit? ” He was heart broken because, he knew I wasn’t his kind. I didn’t tell him this but if I had to tongue kiss either Barbra or him, I’d still be forced to choose her. But I would be taking one for the team. AND I wouldn’t like it. Unless she cut one of my songs. I’m not gay, but I never said I wasn’t a whore.

Musto, who is gay, or at least he says he is, I wouldn’t know personally; is a proponent of high-profile gays publicly declaring their homosexuality. Since he believes Anderson Cooper, a news journalist & Jodie Foster, actor, are gay, he thinks they should come out. In the gay community, being in the closet is considered detrimental to mainstreaming the cause, especially if the closeted person has some power and success. Having worked in the arts 7 out of my 15 minutes, many gay men think every guy is gay. Or should be. I totally get that; my list of women I think should be here right now, grows exponentially.

I agree that the more heterosexuals accept homosexuals as equals, the better we’ll all get along. However, maybe people such as Mr. Musto, should stop acting like Nazis. In fact, unless he donated his services, he was paid for that article. So, he’s a hitman. Does he think he’s a freedom rider? a hero? providing a public service? He’s just a big mouth, continually inserting himself into the spotlite. He can be witty & charming but beneath the sly serpent’s tongue, he’s just one more garden variety, blood sucker.

Jodie Foster has had at least one infamous stalker, who graduated to Presidential assassin. I’m guessing she doesn’t need another would be assassin targeting her or her character. Whether she’s a lesbian or a gay man ( ! ), she won’t be dating me. AND make no mistake, I think she’s bright; a good actor, producer & an attractive woman. If I had a choice between lunch with her or Pam Anderson, Jodie would get the nod. Pam ain’t gonna ‘ date ‘ me either — but really, I’d rather be with Jodie, no matter what didn’t happen. Hey! Pam is single again: if she married Anderson Cooper, think of the levels of confusion in name recognition alone! Must not think Tommy Lee. Must not. Musto not.

Michael, pal, look: if you’re happy out & about, have fun. Is there something you don’t really think people need to know about you? OK maybe you’re not a good example. But privacy is a good thing. If Anderson Cooper or Jodie Foster were discovered doing something evil, I hope they’re stopped. However, other than that, if they’re into same sex sex, yawn. But, you Mr. Musto, are being a nasty little evil stereotype. I suppose if you were in Holland during WWll, you’d have told Anne Frank she should come out from hiding for the sake of the Jews. Was it better for anyone else when they caught her? No it was not.

It’s not the same for gays, as poor Anne. She had no real choice. But that’s the issue here, let the choice to not come out, exist. It’s Spring Musto, organize your own closet. BTW, I really like those Kenneth Cole shoes? are they a size 10? Is that a ball gown? A tiara!. . ..

* a huge lie for superficial effect

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