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From PortaJohn Boy Walmart’s Not So Secret Journal:

It’s snowing tonight on Walmart’s Mountain! It’s April 6 and it’s Good Friday. I’m guessing the Lord has a sense of humor, if not a seasonal disorder, but Granmaw is as mad as an old Dan Rather type simile. Mary Yellin is blue because she has a new Easter frock she bought with money she earned from escorting and now nobody will see it all covered up with her old hand me down army coat from Grampaws. Mommo and the kids are coloring eggs. Little Lezzie keeps saying she wants to color snowballs. Everyone else is drunk and looking for a shotgun. Good thing I hocked them all to buy new notebooks and pencils!


Good for you Phoebe. I hope it goes as far as you want it to go. . ..

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